Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q.  Can I submit supplementary material, if so how and when?

A.  Yes, the deadline for supplementary material is 13 May 2017. Once you have uploaded a pdf of your paper you will see the option to upload supplementary material in pdf or zip up to 100MB.

Q. Do I have to submit supplementary material? 

A.  No, it's optional.

Q.  Do I need to submit an abstract.pdf by the paper deadline 2nd May 2017?

A.  No, the abstract.pdf included in the template is needed only if your paper is accepted.

Q.  Where do I find the submission number to enter at the top of the LaTeX template?

A.  The submission number is provided when you first register the paper with the CMT submission system.

Q. When I compile the example paper it looks strange/ the figures don’t appear / it appears shifted towards the top right of the page. What is wrong? 

A.  It sounds like you are compiling the paper with LaTeX. Instead you should compile with PDFLaTeX which will resolve all of these problems.

Q. Is there a Microsoft Word template? 

A.  Yes. Authors are encouraged to use the LaTeX template. However, submissions prepared in Microsoft Word will be accepted.

Q. I have a problem with my cmt account, can you help? 

A.  BMVC chairs have no control over your cmt account, password et. You need to contact

Q. What is the rule regarding arxiv papers? 

A.  Arxiv papers are not considered as prior publications.